Our Services

Medcare Store 24 stands as a trusted supplier of premium aesthetic medical products. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of pharmaceutical offerings sourced from leading manufacturers in the field. Notable names in our collection include Juvederm, Surgiderm, Restylane, Teosyal, Stylage, Aquashine, Dermaheal, Fillmed (formerly Filorga), Saypha (formerly Princess), Profhilo, Belotero, Radiesse, DR.CYJ Hair-Filler, Perfectha, and Revanesse.

Our company procures goods directly from manufacturers situated in prominent countries such as France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, and Korea. These products are meticulously stored under specific conditions, ensuring that their optimal quality is guaranteed for our valued customers.

Adhering to both local and international regulations and standards is integral to our operational ethos.

Over time, our company has successfully cultivated enduring relationships with numerous retail and wholesale clients, a number we aspire to continually expand. Our services have facilitated productive collaborations with an extensive array of clients.

We take pride in offering versatile payment solutions, swift and secure delivery with insurance coverage, a streamlined and secure ordering process, and the amiable guidance of our knowledgeable experts.

Premium Aesthetic Medical Products Supplier Worldwide
Premium Aesthetic Medical Products Supplier Worldwide

Punctuality in delivery is a non-negotiable commitment we uphold. To date, we have maintained an unblemished record of delivering goods to our clients within the stipulated timeframe.

We take pride in our comprehensive assistance, extending beyond the mere transactional aspect. Our commitment involves aiding clients in document completion while unwaveringly safeguarding their interests.

Our global reach is expansive, with a primary focus on serving countries across Europe, the MENA region, East Asia, and North and South America, including Canada. The shipping of all orders is entrusted to internationally recognized courier companies.

Our operational terms encompass:

  1. Advance Bank Transfer: We operate on an advance bank transfer basis. Goods are dispatched after the successful receipt of a bank transfer. Upon placing an order, medical equipment typically arrives at our warehouse within 6-10 working days.

  2. Shipping Costs: The cost of shipping is not included in the product price. This expense is borne by the client and varies based on the size and dimensions of the order.

Rest assured, our commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.